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We are very excited to announce our very own team of superheros!

They will be at our church for every Session of our VBS! Come by to see them!

Mr. Turbo

With super-strength Mr. Turbo is the back bone of the World Changers team, but don’t let his size or strength fool you he cares about the people that most others seem to miss.






Lightning Boy 

As his name suggests Lightning Boy is the quickest member of the team… and the fastest citizen of Spark City. Though he may be young and a bit small he understands that anyone can be a World Changer.





Green Phantom

Can anyone say ninja? She can get in and out, dealing with crime, before anyone knows she’s even there. Though she is powerful she knows that the World is Changed one person at a time.





Commander Spark

The Commander is the leader of the team. We really have no idea the extent of his powers, aside from his uncanny leadership skills. His greatest joy is to help others grow to be World Changers!

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  1. Mildred Brush says:

    Jonathan, You did a good job of capturing and posting the theme and excitement of the VBS.

  2. James says:

    I’m really into it, tahnks for this great stuff!

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