In all our ministries we seek to demonstrate a “Bible” approach to life.
Our ministries include:

We support 41 different missionaries and ministries around the world through our world wide missions ministry.

We work with Pioneer Institute of Biblical Ministries to train future church leaders, lay people, and interested Christians to be effective in their ministry for Christ. Please contact the church for further information concerning classes and times.

Local ministry opportunities:

Weekly ministries include:

  • Sunday School at 9:30 AM each Sunday morning. A systematic study through the Bible for the whole family. Our emphasis is on Raising Godly Generations through the synergistic working of church and family.
  • Green Valley Nursing Home every Sunday at 4:00 PM
  • Meadowglen Retirement Center Bible Study at 3:00 PM on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Mid-week Prayer Service at 7:00 PM on Wednesday evenings. Prayer is the most important service of the week. It is through prayer that God’s work is done. Scripture has MUCH to say about pray and it’s affectiveness in our lives.


Annual events for growth include:

  • Key to Success Campaign during the month of February. Every week during the campaign every one is encouraged to quote as much scripture as they can. A friendly competition between the classes is culminated with the winner’s name being engraved on a plaque. Each year the adults dream of beating the youth, and each year the youth prove to be determined competitors. We would love to have you join in!
  • Foundation Conference This annual helps to train and encourage us in the Christian life and walk.
  • Vacation Bible School. VBS gives us the opportunity to reach out to children in the community. Our church members work together to provide a fun time of learning about the Bible, memorizing Scripture, hearing a real life missions story, and enjoying snacks and games.
  • National Hoops Ministry Tournament. National Hoops Ministry is an outreach ministry using 3 on 3 basketball to reach into the community.
  • Annual Missions Conference each September. It is a time to meet some of the missionaries we support and to hear about the ministries of new missionaries seeking to go to their mission field. This is also the time we as a church decide on how much we will trust God to give through each of us to missions. It is always a time to stretch our faith and see God bless.
  • Other outreach ministries: Friend Sunday, Independence Day Picnic, Christmas Sunday which includes a program and reception or meal, and others.

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